Shanon Van Dyne


Level: 4A

I have been doing hair since 2000. I became a hairstylist just to make others feel good about themselves. My favorite thing to do is create my own colors. I have been the owner since 2015 and we expanded to a second location in 2019. I'm an educator in the salon company. I love growing stylists to have a successful career in this industry.

Danielle Davis

Manager/Lash Stylist

I have worked for the Salon Bellezzio company since 2006. The passion I have for the beauty industry has inspired me to get my cosmetology license in 2020. Currently, I’m a lash stylist and look forward to expanding my business through other spa services, as well as by doing hair. My dream is to help bring new services into our salon! I’m here to help make your day-to-day life easier and to help you become your best self! ♥️

Lacy Blanchette

Level: 4

I started doing hair in 2000. I love to do color, especially blondes and reds! I have always wanted to be a stylist since I was a little girl. It’s an absolute gift to make my clients feel beautiful. That’s what it’s all about. Change your hair, change your life. Being a stylist and an educator is my passion. I love what I do and I’m grateful everyday for my career!

Mary Jones

Level: 4

I became a hairstylist back in 2008 to do special effect makeup for movies and theatre, but I fell in love with making people feel good every day of the week instead of for just one night. I love doing color, total transformations, and helping clients recreate the look at home.

Jamie Garcia

Level: 3

I have been a hair designer since 2017. I became a hair designer to help enhance people’s beauty. I love doing color and help ladies recreate their look at home. I also love educating new stylist coming through the salon company. I’m a mom and wife. My family is everything.

Amy McConnell

Level: 3

I have over 20 years of color, cutting and styling experience. I enjoy working with my clients to create their own personal look that they feel great in. I'm constantly working to improve my skills & techniques with current trends.

"Life is full of struggles & challenges, but eventually you find a hairstylist who understands you!"

Tessa Bushell

Level: 2

Started school in 2017 started at the salon March of 2019 Blondes are my favorite thing to do I became a hairstylist because I love working with my hands and being creative and making people feel beautiful.

Chaquette Jackson

Level: 1

Started doing hair in 2016. I Love being Versatile. I started doing hair because I love making people feel good.

Sydney Tuttle

Level: 1

I started doing hair in 2019. I’ve always been inspired by beauty by being involved with competitive dance from a young age i always loved doing anything hair wise. My favorite things to do in this industry is perms, i find perms to be so much fun. I also really enjoy doing specialty styles such as braids and updos. This is my passion and I’m so happy to be able to finally be able to do it.

Olivia Pruitt

Level: 1

I became a hairstylist in 2020 because I enjoy being a small part of helping people’s confidence flourish. I love doing cuts, color, and silk presses.

Amber Lee

Booth Renter

Stylist since 2003. Color is my favorite. Reason for being a stylist-I love connecting and building relationships with my clients while making them feel and look their best. I also love that the industry is ever changing and everyday brings new opportunities for growth.

Tory French

Booth Renter

I'm a mother of two beautiful girls! I graduated at house of heavilin in blue springs in 2007. I knew I wanted to do hair since I was a freshman in high school. I started doing everyone's hair for homecoming and even started coloring my junior year. I love me a Brunette balayage but I really love all the colors! I love making someone's day, being an ear to listen, crack a joke to make you smile, or just that confidence boost you have been needing.

Tara Galpin

Booth Renter

I have been in the industry since 1992. My Favorite services are Mens cuts, Hair color, Brow waxing. I have a love for Art & Psychology.

Bev Sollars

Booth Renter

I've been a hair stylist for 25 years. I enjoy coloring, cutting and waxing! I love making people feel beautiful.

Maria Blatt

Booth Renter

I’ve been a hair stylist since 1999. I enjoy this profession because every client I work on is different. I hope that when that client walks out the door they are satisfied with their look and the service I have provided!

Donna Smith

Booth Renter

I started doing hair in 1964. I like everything I do, everyday is different, I have never wanted to do anything else